Demo Guide

User Login
User Name: wcdonor
Password: wcdono@#123

Step 1: Login as a User

  1. Go to My Account Page.
  2. Login with the credentials given above.

Step 2: Purchase a Product

  1. Go to Shop page.
  2. Add a product to cart.
  3. View Cart.
  4. You’ll now see a donation option.

Step 3: Donate Amount

  1. Enter the donation amount. To see round off donation, add decimal amount to cart.
  2. Click Donate.
  3. Donation product will be added to your cart and cart total.

Step 4: Place Order

  1. Proceed to checkout.
  2. Place order.

Step 5: View Order

  1. Go to My account.
  2. Click on orders.
  3. View your order.
  4. Donation product is being displayed in the order description.
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